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Shanghai Huaxaing Dacheng Rubber&Plastics Co.,Ltd is established by Shanghai Huaxiang Rubber Products Co.,Ltd and natural person. Its predecessor is Shanghai TOYO Dacheng Rubber Co.,Ltd established by Shanghai No.4 Rubber Products Factory and TOYO TIRE&Rubber Co.,Ltd. It is a specialized company, mainly producing rubber-plastic product ,lifesaving appliance ,inflatable rubber product, rubberized fabric ,raincoat and service etc.
On the basis of manufacturing technology of Hai Yanbrand life-raft of original Shanghai No.4 Rubber Factory ,our company has imported and absorbed the technology and management of life-raft of Japan Toyo Company. We have established the comprehensive quality management system. We have a professional contingent.All of them are in accordance with Imo Resolution and the rules for seagoing vessel and the regulationgs for fishing vessel of P.R.C., and has obtained the type approval BV-EC certificate.......
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