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Rubberized fabric Products
The Rubberized Fabric is Processing under the exemplary machinery and wealth operation skills experience adopting the material which is ageingresisting and well flexible enouge rubber rawmatetial and processing by the apply-glued skills and water sprinkting our product offer you various water-resistant clothes for rainsuit and all kind of cold-resistant clothes,meanwhile,the clothes we made is available for other purposes at you convienance choice .Especially,sponging rubberized fabric,which is provided with elastic,heat preservation and cold resistance, is light,soft and water-resistancable,so it is suitable for bag,cold-resistance wear,bike cover and case etc.
Strong points In USE
Light,small,comfortable and easy to wear.
Auto-Inflation Style
Could be not only auto-inflated completely within several seconds, in case of accident,but also be operated by hand as well, available mouth blowpipe as extra inflation system.
Feel Pleasantly Cool In Summer
Shoulder design offer to wear without feeling suffocated in hot season, even in winter just simply put outside wintercoat before working.
Kept Clean Easily
Provided with outer dust-cover to prevent dirty away from,the jacket is so easy to be removed the greasy dirt from it.
Saftey Color-stand Out Well
Glance distances away, the orange color,keep the dropper easily be found not at sea,during the nightlight,the reflected ribbon sewed is also provided as clear recognizing signal.
Nylon synthetic Rubber clothes
Inflation Structure
When drop in water, the jacket inflact within 5 sec. Cylinder Cap-28CC,co2Gas:17g
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