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Throw-over Type Inflatable Life-raft TypeB
It is suitable for installing ships on domestic navigating vessels.
Product Standard
It meets the requirements of Regulations of the statutory Surveys of ships and Offshore InstallationsݡTechnical Regulations for the Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Ships Engaged on International Voyages(1999)of P.R.C.
Inflation method
The same as type A.
Max.Storage Height
The installation height is 18m from water surface.
Model Capacity Length(mm) Height(mm) Weight(Kg) Container size L(mm)
(99)HYF-B10 10 2800 1450 85 6101100
(99)HYF-B15 15 3160 1450 115 6101100
(99)HYF-B20 20 3615 1500 140 7001300
(99)HYF-B25 25 3995 1850 160 7001300
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