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Open Reversible Inflatable Life-raft TypeK
í˝ Application
It is suitable for high speed craft on international voyages.
í˝ Product Standard
It meets the requirements of í▄Regulations of the statutory Surveys of ships and Offshore InstallationsíŢí░Technical Regulations for the Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Ships Engaged on International Voyages(1999)í▒of P.R.C.and theí░International code of safety for High Speed craft 2000í▒of(2000HSC Code)and MSC.81(70).
í˝ Equipment outfit
HSC pack
í˝ Inflation method
The same as type A.
í˝ Max.Storage Height
The installation height is 10m from water surface
Model Capacity Length(mm) Height(mm) Weight(Kg) Container size íÚí┴L(mm)
HYF-K50 50 5900 860 í▄180 737í┴1500
HYF-K65 65 6520 920 í▄195 737í┴1500
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